I have embraced

The next time someone in my weight loss surgery support groups mentions how much they hate their loose skin, or their bat wings, or deflated boobs, I am going to tell them to watch the documentary Embrace

Watch the trailer here:

We have to learn to be more forgiving of our imperfections. Yes, embrace them. 


Thoughts about goal weight

I am 15 pounds from my goal. It may take me a while, but I am so sure I will get there. 

I have been thinking a lot about what getting to goal means. I’m really not going to change how I eat. I will never be able to go back to eating the way I did, and that doesn’t make me sad. It’s just a fact. 

In talking to my nutritionist about my goal weight last week, I told her I was thinking about making it higher because I wasn’t sure whether 15 more pounds would be too much. 120 is still at the top of the normal range for my height at 4’11”. She said that your body finds it’s equilibrium when you continue to eat following the program. 

I am definitely eating more. I can eat a cup of food now, although I try to keep my servings to 1/2 cup unless the extra is a salad or some other kind of raw vegetables.  I am experiencing various levels of hunger and trying to find the foods that keep my satisfied longer. 

Basically I am not going to worry about my goal weight. I am buying clothes one size down thinking by the time I am at goal, that’s where I will be. 

I am starting Kaia Fit on January 2 and expect that I will have good results in reducing my body fat some more. I am around 31% right now. I think 25% would be a reasonable goal. I am continuing to do my weekly measurements and seeing slow progress there too. 

I think the key now is patience and perseverance. 

I will continue to journal. It’s been great to go back and look at some of the things I said. Like when I ordered size 6 jeans and said they won’t fit for a while, and when they arrived in 2 weeks, they fit perfectly. 

I will not allow myself to be driven by clothes sizes. I have a range of things from 4-8 that I am wearing. I just want t feel comfortable in my skin.

Skin is a whole other issue. I have plenty of it. Hoping Kaia will tighten it up a bit, but I am thinking a breast lift may be in my future. Mike is saving his pennies. 

Wishing my readers a very happy holiday season, however you celebrate. Enjoy these cute pix of me and my pups. 

We are too cool for school. 😎
Me and the Nugget bug.

Running out of clothes

Back in 2009 when this story started at size 22, as I lost my weight, I was able to “shop” in our spare bedroom going through all the clothes that no longer fit me as I gained weight over the years. In 2001, I was a size 14. As I gained, I put my clothes away for the day I lost weight.

Needless to say, I had a lot to choose from as I lost weight. I was able to get into a size 12 by 2010, but over the next 5 years, I hovered in the size 14 range. I always knew when my pants got too tight, it was time for action.
Fast forward to my surgery date, I was pretty must well into size 16 before my surgery, and even that stuff was tight. So on my way down, I had the bulk of my wardrobe to choose from in the 14 range.

I am 106 days out from my surgery and pretty much everything from size 14 has been bagged and donated, my size 12 stuff is too big and that leaves me with 3 pairs of pants. I am so reluctant to spend any money on clothes because I seem to be going down a size every month. So…if you see me walking around in baggy clothes, you will know why.

I discovered a consignment shop in Woodland where I think I will shop every now and then to get a few things to tide me over. It’s a lot to wrap my head around. I get to shop in the front of the store where the small and medium stuff is instead of all the way in the back where the big girl clothes are. Seriously, it’s a crazy mental game and it’s tough. Again, no one can tell me I took the easy way out.