Some days are better than others.

Lately, most days have pretty much sucked. Too much stress, too many deadlines, too many things on the to-do list. But today was freaking stellar.

So Fridays, otherwise known as Friyay, are the day I work at my other job. That’s right, I am reserving Friday for clients, business development, blog writing, social media and strategery.

This morning kicked off with an amazing chiropractic adjustment. Bye bye migraine.

Followed by a meeting with my first official paid health coaching client, which went amazingly! I ran into 4 people I knew at the coffee shop and it just made me feel so good.

Next I went to pick up my migraine prescription and ran into the owner of the pharmacy — I love living in a small town! Got a big hug and went on my way to the post office, where I picked up my new Fitbit, a bunch of protein, vitamins, and my first Stitch Fix Box!

I have posted before about my anxiety about shopping. I hate trying clothes on. My self talk is horrendous and I need to knock that shit out. But this box was full of clothes that fit me perfectly and that fit my style even better! And yes, I am still a solid size 6. That was such a relief to me!

The last few months have been truly funky, but if I have more days like today, things are looking up. I am so incredibly blessed to have the support of my family and friends and to have achieved this goal of losing and maintaining my weight. Makes a big difference in my outlook when I feel like a success.

So yeah, life is pretty damn good.