Let them eat cake

So now that I have made myself an open book regarding gastric bypass, I have to say I have had nothing but positive feedback. But there are people who don’t quite understand this simple fact: this surgery is not a cure for obesity. I still have to fight that demon every day. 

“So you can’t have cake? Not even a bite? Note even once in a while?”

The super short answer is no. I cannot. 

I chose gastric bypass over gastric sleeve specifially as a deterrent for eating crap that is too sweet or too heavy. Everything in moderation does not work for me. It will not ever work for me. My metabolism is broken and I don’t expect it to get fixed. 

However, there are tons of recipes on Pinterest for various bariatric friendly versions of pretty much anything. I am debating making a crustless pumpkin pie custard thing for Thanksgiving in fact. 

This week I made a recipe called Egg Roll in a Bowl. It’s super easy…basically ground chicken cooked with a bag of coleslaw mix, soy sauce, garlic and ginger. I tend to adapt my Pinterest finds a bit. 

So I am not deprived. I put a lot of work into make by my tiny little meals tasty. I have to downsize most recipes though, or make some, portion them out and then freeze them. 

Tomorrow I go for my visit with the nutritionist and my definitely want to talk about adding more food or maybe a small snack. I am starting to get hungry. I am trying to figure out the pattern. Is it when I use certain protein that might not be holding me over between meals? Is it because I’m running now and definitely exerting more effort in my workouts? Hoping she will shed some light. 

And as a bonus: tomorrow is monthly support group night! I am sure I will have tales to tell from Mr. Lapband or the Lollipop girl. 


3 thoughts on “Let them eat cake

  1. Christina November 17, 2016 / 2:16 pm

    oh man. i hope i don’t regret having the sleeve. i’m not a moderation person either. it’s damn hard to just have a bite or two and move on. but i’m really praying that i’ll be able to do that with the sleeve. i have no intention of eating cake every chance i can get, but i don’t want to feel like i can NEVER have a bite of cake either. i know i shouldn’t, but if i feel like i can’t, then i will eventually cave and cave bad. i’ve done it before (low carb diet, no sugar, no bread/pasta with much success and then, boom, horribly failed) and i’m finding that, for me, limiting foods but being able to have whatever, works better. oh dear god i hope so.


    • Marilyn November 17, 2016 / 2:24 pm

      You will be totally fine! Your taste really does change after surgery and you will have all the hunger suppression from removing a big chunk of your ghrelin producing stomach, plus restriction from the sleeve. Remember every frustrating moment leading up to approval will remind you what you went through and you will ask yourself if it is worth it. Be a rule follower and you will be successful. That said, I think everyone has second thoughts up until they wheel you back to the OR and even a few weeks afterwards. 😂

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  2. Michelle November 17, 2016 / 6:23 pm

    Yes, yes and more yes! I did the gastric bypass for the same reason as you — the possibility of becoming really sick is a strong deterrent! It works!!! I was also told I’d lose ‘the most possible weight’ with rny versus some weight with the other options. I wanted bang for my buck!!

    I love adapting recipes too, though I find that I discover one and fix it 10,000 times because it’s good and I like it and I figured out the nutrients! 🙂 Post some of your faves!


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