I am so bored with my food choices right now. Since my serving size is a whopping 1/4 cup (that’s 4 tablespoons!), it’s hard to make exotic culinary delights for every meal.  And I end up with leftovers that are impossible to finish.

I can’t even eat a whole container of yogurt without having left overs.

Since my little setback surgery, my tiny tummy has been angry and bitter with me. I’ve gone back to the basics. Yogurt, cottage cheese — smooshy foods.

Need to revisit my Pinterest page to find some good recipes to spice stuff up.

I have a cabinet full of protein powder and I am bored with that too. I actually went to the evil empire of Walmart (the neighborhood grocery version) to get some Premiere Protein drinks to try.  They are technically on my doctor’s list of acceptable protein, but they don’t have whey isolate, they are whey concentrate.  So many rules!  Just thought I would mix it up for a week or so, because boredom leads to all kinds of bad habits!

A friend suggested that I have Adam Levine deliver my food to spice it up.  If only…


2 thoughts on “Bored!

  1. Michelle October 20, 2016 / 9:27 pm

    So I know you’re totally sick of them right now… but how are the Inspire products? I’ve looked at them but never ordered. Just wondering. 🙂


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