On busy fulfilled weekends

The past few weekends have been a whirlwind of activity. Normally I just want to spend my weekends doing nothing, but things are changing.

Last weekend was puppy paradise. Mike and I went to multiple Front Street events where we each discovered some puppy love.

I went to a yoga class at Urban Soul Yoga Studio which challenged the heck out of me but left me feeling happy and relaxed.

This weekend I was doing shelter shennanigans again. I took pictures at the Old Sacramento Saint Patrick’s Day Parade. Team Front Street had a small but mighty group. Check out the album on Flickr. So much fun.

St. Patrick's Day Parade

This morning it was off to yoga again, then to Vacaville to check out one of 13 functional B-17s that are left in the world. Amazing.

The point is I have somehow managed to get myself out and about and spend my time doing fulfilling things. I am totally praying that there continue to be weekend yoga classes.  These were just a trial but they were so perfect, considering I have Kaia 3 days a week and have been doing other weight training too.

Plus there’s other things brewing. Other good things. Doing my research and embracing the change as it comes.



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