“Support” Group 

Before my surgery, I had to sign an agreement to go to the monthly support group meeting for a minimum of 6 months. I had every intention of checking it out before my surgery, but for whatever reason didn’t make it. 

My first time at support group was about 16 days after my surgery. I was leaving my house in actual clothes for the first time since my surgery follow up. 

The group was so unbelievably negative. One lady said to me “you don’t even look like you needed the surgery.” The last people I expected to judge were baritric patients. I remember this other lady walking in and talking about hot guys at her gym. I didn’t make it to the next two sessions…wonder why. 

The October meeting was different. I received an email, in advance, about the meeting and there was going to be a new therapist facilitating. I decided I would give it another go. Aside from the fact that it took me 90 minutes to drive there due to an accident and 5PM traffic, I made it. The meeting had already started when I got there and I guess they were doing introductions. There were two women who hadn’t had their surgeries yet so they were looking to hear about the experiences of the “veterans.”  This was hilarious. 

There was a guy, who I will call Mr. Lapband, who interrupted to throw in his completely unsolicited 2 cents providing horribly wrong information and the facilitator let this go on a while. My favorite input from him was about how he eats to much and throws up all the time but got used to it and it doesn’t taste bad. OMG — what kind of advice is that?  Then comes the woman who had gastric bypass and discovered she doesn’t get dumping syndrome while trying Halloween candy. Why would you do that???  

What’s my point? There are a lot of options for support in the bariatric community, including Facebook Groups where everyone is an expert ::sarcasm::  

You have to figure out where you need support and seek it there. I wouldn’t seek medical advice from anyone in these groups although it is interesting to see what other people are experiencing. And to hear how people who have been successful at maintenance have managed their lifestyle. 

Now I am curious. In November I am going back for more! 


2 thoughts on ““Support” Group 

  1. Michelle October 31, 2016 / 12:18 pm

    Omg, I had such similar experiences at the “support” group that my clinic hosts! The ‘facilitation’ by the clinic staff was non-existent and a couple of the old timers took over. They told the *same* stories, gave the *same* warnings, provided the *same* horror stories, discussed the *same* bad behaviors both times I went so I never went back. My clinic requires people who are considering surgery to attend one of these group meetings pre-op so added to that were a TON of identical questions about the process and how quickly everyone lost weight. I didn’t find it supportive at all! A spectacle? Yes. Supportive? No. Which is a shame!! But I hear ya. I look forward to hearing how November’s meeting is for you!


  2. Christina October 31, 2016 / 2:04 pm

    i went to two back to back groups Saturday. one was the therapist speaking the most, the next was a support group where everyone sat in a huge circle. it was interesting. to say the least. i don’t have to go anymore if i don’t want to (assuming i get surgery), but i probably will (assuming i get surgery). i don’t know anyone else personally who’s going through WLS so i figure some “support” is better than none.


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